Leveraging Angie’s List Reviews to Grow your Business

The renowned Angieslist.com is a customer-driven feedback site designed to notify anyone looking to purchase local professional services, who in their area may be a good provider, and what companies should be avoided. For a tradesman or service provider, Angie’s list is a solid source of leads and referrals. Read more.

Prior to your customer hiring a plumber, roofer, electrician, landscaper, home remodeler, flooring specialist, auto repair person, dentist or even an attorney, they can inspect the quality of the professionals that they are considering, as well as the accuracy of their work based on previous reviews of your customers. Businesses are laid out by their ranking order to make sure that you can locate the most appropriate auto mechanic or locksmith extremely quickly.

Angie’s list consumer members take pleasure in receiving discounts which for some providers has become an excellent source of promotion. One downside of selecting Angie’s list as your primary advertising vehicle is that some customers are under the perception that all responses (reviews) reported are valid and factual. While the majority of the time the consumer information and feedback is honest and trustworthy, Angie’s list reserves the right to scrub feedback that they regard to be vindictive. Such a retraction plan might be subject to abuse if deceitful suppliers lobby to unjustly remove negative reviews. And for some niches where consumer satisfaction seems challenged, you can find yourself chasing positive reviews as much as delivering your service.

It’s no surprise that the companies that do well on Angie’s list are those with many positive comments and reviews. Which means, if you are planning to leverage this community to build your business, you must be prepared to over deliver. There is a #1 Scottsdale SEO Agency who is known to over deliver for their clients and by so doing they’ve amassed an impressive number of glowing recommendations. In short, over performing works. But it also requires a level of dedication that is beyond what some professionals are willing to do. If you are in Phoenix, SEO Ranker Agency has offices in the city as well as Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills.

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Four ways to encourage honesty in your reviews to rack up success.

First, react quickly to each and every review that you receive.

In today’s always-on world, it’s important to recognize every review your business receives whether positive or negative. This shows customers that you are listening and appreciate their feedback. Often a disgruntled customer just wants to be “heard” and the fact that you let them know that you heard them, will go a long way to allaying any more negativity about you or your company.

Second, when a mistake is made, apologize and fix it quickly.

No one is perfect, and mistakes are made, so when you receive a negative review you will want to move quickly to correct and resolve the issue. No matter how small the mistake, the speed that you resolve it will help to build trust with your customer base. Those who are not yet clients will see this and consider that you will treat them the same way. Most consumers are more than fair and realize that situations will arise which need to be dealt with. It’s not that a mistake occurred, but the response to it that can make all the difference in improving or hurting your credibility. Customers will be impressed with your humility to recognize that your business was wrong and courageous enough to fix the problem.

A negative situation can actually be an excellent opportunity to shine in the eyes of a frustrated customer, as well as prospective clients who may not be familiar with the level of response and service that you will provide them.

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Third, demonstrate appreciation to your customers.

Whether you have received positive feedback or not, always show thanks to your customers – for every person who wrote a review, it shows they cared enough about your business to provide feedback. Something that takes time and effort. Reward them with a loyalty card, special coupon, or even a referral bonus – but don’t forget the good old thank-you note. Studies have shown that though everyone appreciates a monetary award, for many, a simple “thank you” is just as effective.

Fourth, do not pay to kill a negative review.

There are plenty of stories where a provider rather than rectifying the situation, offered payment to the upset customer in exchange for them removing the review. Though we want our clients to reverse a negative review, they should do it on their own without our cajoling. Frankly, having nothing but 5-star reviews, and with wording that makes the professional sound second only to god in their field, it may backfire as your prospective customers could assume that these are fake reviews. Of course, we want many more positive reviews, than not, but having a few neutral reviews sprinkled in is not a bad thing.

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