beamr video loves dancing dogs

Beamr video – dancing dogs, what?

And now for something totally silly…tell me you don’t laugh so hard you cry when you watch this dancing dog?

This Beamr company seems pretty cool, though I must confess I had no idea what NAB or CABR was until I Googled it. NAB appears to be a tradeshow and CABR is video technology the company just launched.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

search engine optimization returns a much higher roi compared with PPC

Which is better SEO or PPC?

Most all organizations recognize the value of paid online advertising (PPC), especially when it comes to online platforms like Facebook and Google. People are more likely to end up on your website via a search engine than any other method. According to a well know recent study, 81% of individuals searching for local goods and services, located their preferred destination through a search engine.

Learn about PPC vs. SEO in this short video.

The research shows that it’s essential for your brand to have a strong presence on the search engines, making sure that you are relevant and visible to your target audience. But, there’s still a big decision to make, and that is whether to utilize Search Engine Optimization or PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertisements, the Sponsored Hyperlinks and acquired ads on a Google search) to get in front of prospective customers and clients.

Done appropriately and carefully balanced, both can get you the leads and traffic to your site that you want. Nevertheless, each has their benefits and cost considerations. SEOmoz recently released a short article evaluating the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click.

The write-up details that organic results are 8.5 x more likely to be clicked on than paid search results page! That’s a huge disparity. Researchers have utilized heat maps to show that users eyes focus on the leading natural outcomes, with individuals barely seeing the ads on the page. It’s as if the search engine user is blind to a large part of the images and information (PPC ads) on the SERP page.

Nevertheless, paid search engine results are 1.5 times more likely to improve click-thru rates from the search engine to the website.

Considering this data, it could be said that organic search is 5.66 times more effective from an engagement perspective than PPC or paid search.

Offered the flat out choice of ranking high organically or having terrific Pay Per Click advertisements – the choice for every business owner should be clear. We all know it’s not that simple or else those “Ranking # 1 in Google TOMORROW” robo-calls would be more effective. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time, while paid ads provided they are well written, work nearly instantly.

PPC’s major benefit is in speed and scale. When a PPC campaign turns profitable, the revenue that results is purely a function of how much advertising budget you apply to it. With a PPC project, you could be on the initial page for a multitude of targeted terms within 24 hours.

SEMPO, the Online Search Engine Marketing Professionals Company, estimates that $87 of every $100 that company’s invest in digital marketing, are spent on Pay Per Click vs. $11 put toward SEO efforts. If you consider that $25 billion is invested in Pay Per Click advertising while $3 billion is spent on Search Engine Optimization, this suggests that SEO could be ten times efficient.

There are certainly times to use PPC as it’s an excellent way to gain immediate traffic to your site and make the phone ring. But you should not rely solely on SEO, and instead employ a multiprong SEO strategy where you use PPC during the startup and building phase, while simultaneously ranking your website with the support of an expert SEO company.

Pay Per Click also tends to be most effective for product companies compared to service companies; as an example, focusing SEO efforts on terms such as #1 SEO Company, or premier seo consultant would make more sense than buying PPC for these keywords.

In summary, over the long term, SEO offers the best value compared to PPC. You will not rank # 1 overnight, but this is a good thing because SEO takes investment and commitment, when you do achieve that coveted first page and #1 ranking results, it becomes harder for your competition to knock you off. Whereas with PPC, there is always someone more desperate and willing to pay more for a click. Bottom line your firm must spend more of its time and resources concentrating on Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click advertising.

Have you heard about the dark side of PPC? Watch this video to get educated on PPC click fraud.

Client Getting Tips From an SEO Agency Founder

How to get clients into your agency is the #1 SEO question I hear.

Of no surprise, referrals are the best way because of the implicit trust that the sale starts with. However, we all start with the same number of clients, and that is zero. So what do you do when you don’t yet have anyone who can refer clients to you?

Following are a few practical methods for client getting.

#1 – Write a blog. You should be continually posting information about SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing tactics and PPC. Add value and write in a way that will draw interest from the clients you want to be doing business with. Promote it, and you will be surprised how qualified clients will come knocking on your door. Why? Because they have been reading your work and already see you as an SEO expert. Read about how to build your online presence with SEO and brand authority.

#2 – Talk at seminars and conferences about SEO and digital marketing. When you get out in person and talk about what you do in a way that adds value to the hearer, you’ll begin to build an audience. Do not worry whether this audience will ever be your direct clients; most won’t be. But, they know people who will be! There is no better advocate to sell on your behalf, than a “fan” of what you do. Even other SEO company owners can be a source of referral as they may be too busy or have some other reason to refer you leads. is also an excellent way for you to build your following from the ground up. Check out this awesome article on how to get booked to speak at events.

One important note: SEO clients will churn, so you must always have a pipeline. One of the biggest challenges individual owners face is that when they are busy doing work, they forget to refill the pipeline. Thus, when the agreements end, they suddenly find themselves confronted with no sales leads. On average, my clients stay for 10-14 months, but your mileage may vary based on the competitive nature of the keywords.

As the saying goes, “Never stop selling!”

Even while you have a client on active retainer, don’t forget to communicate with them. Just because they aren’t “bugging” you, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve or even feel the need to get regular updates. I like to use Pro Rank Tracker as a powerful reporting tool which sends automated reports to my clients so they always know where their rankings are.

I have discovered that the more you correspond with your clients, the longer they are likely to stick with you. It may feel the added overhead of regular client communications is not worth the time investment, but let me assure you, the effort of retaining a client is less than winning a new one. Value your customers and not only will they return more value to you in added billings, but they will be that much more likely to refer you to their fellow business owner friends.

One method I’ve found effective for keeping in touch with clients is to make small videos that add value or give important information. Following is one on PPC Click Fraud which has proven useful to my clients.

Don’t take clients where you can’t deliver results

This seems obvious, but frankly, it is foundational. Many in the SEO industry will take a client even if they only think they can get 2-3 months billing. This is crazy, don’t do it! If you don’t have the experience, or if the project will pull you too far outside your systems, just say NO!

I am always surprised at how powerful the word no is. Frankly, it’s so refreshing to find integrity in business, that then a business owner experiences it, they nearly always return it back. Again, maybe that client was not a good fit for you, but perhaps their friend is.

Another point about not taking clients is to understand what their objectives are. If the company is about to go under and needs 100 extra leads in the next 60 days to survive, then you are far better off explaining that SEO is not the right solution. Perhaps it’s PPC they need, which if you don’t do this may tempt you to offer them PPC. But again, refer they to a specialist, and when their business get’s healthy, they’ll likely seek you out. I’ve seen this play out first-hand dozens of times.

I trust these tips are useful as you build your agency. The rewards can be great if you establish your plan and keep your customers inside the velvet ropes of your process.

Check out this video on the OMG coaching program that is endorsed by Tai Lopez.

Pirate video: Les Brown at 10X Growth Con

So, Les Brown needs no introduction, and neither does Grant Cardone sales trainer par excellence! Which is why you have to watch what happens when Grant invited Les to speak at the 10X Growth Con in Miami last week – it’s pure magic.

Or as Grant could be heard saying, “It’s off the hook…Man!”

We’re pretty sure this is a “pirate video” in that they didn’t want people recording the entire presentation of the speakers. But, hey, when you are an entrepreneur going to the next level, you have to push it sometimes.

Enjoy, I trust you find a ton of value here.

Leveraging Angie’s List Reviews to Grow your Business

The renowned is a customer-driven feedback site designed to notify anyone looking to purchase local professional services, who in their area may be a good provider, and what companies should be avoided. For a tradesman or service provider, Angie’s list is a solid source of leads and referrals. Read more.

Prior to your customer hiring a plumber, roofer, electrician, landscaper, home remodeler, flooring specialist, auto repair person, dentist or even an attorney, they can inspect the quality of the professionals that they are considering, as well as the accuracy of their work based on previous reviews of your customers. Businesses are laid out by their ranking order to make sure that you can locate the most appropriate auto mechanic or locksmith extremely quickly.

Angie’s list consumer members take pleasure in receiving discounts which for some providers has become an excellent source of promotion. One downside of selecting Angie’s list as your primary advertising vehicle is that some customers are under the perception that all responses (reviews) reported are valid and factual. While the majority of the time the consumer information and feedback is honest and trustworthy, Angie’s list reserves the right to scrub feedback that they regard to be vindictive. Such a retraction plan might be subject to abuse if deceitful suppliers lobby to unjustly remove negative reviews. And for some niches where consumer satisfaction seems challenged, you can find yourself chasing positive reviews as much as delivering your service.

It’s no surprise that the companies that do well on Angie’s list are those with many positive comments and reviews. Which means, if you are planning to leverage this community to build your business, you must be prepared to over deliver. There is a #1 Scottsdale SEO Agency who is known to over deliver for their clients and by so doing they’ve amassed an impressive number of glowing recommendations. In short, over performing works. But it also requires a level of dedication that is beyond what some professionals are willing to do. If you are in Phoenix, SEO Ranker Agency has offices in the city as well as Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff, Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills.

>>> Click the link to learn secrets of success from Angie Hicks the woman behind Angie’s List. 

Four ways to encourage honesty in your reviews to rack up success.

First, react quickly to each and every review that you receive.

In today’s always-on world, it’s important to recognize every review your business receives whether positive or negative. This shows customers that you are listening and appreciate their feedback. Often a disgruntled customer just wants to be “heard” and the fact that you let them know that you heard them, will go a long way to allaying any more negativity about you or your company.

Second, when a mistake is made, apologize and fix it quickly.

No one is perfect, and mistakes are made, so when you receive a negative review you will want to move quickly to correct and resolve the issue. No matter how small the mistake, the speed that you resolve it will help to build trust with your customer base. Those who are not yet clients will see this and consider that you will treat them the same way. Most consumers are more than fair and realize that situations will arise which need to be dealt with. It’s not that a mistake occurred, but the response to it that can make all the difference in improving or hurting your credibility. Customers will be impressed with your humility to recognize that your business was wrong and courageous enough to fix the problem.

A negative situation can actually be an excellent opportunity to shine in the eyes of a frustrated customer, as well as prospective clients who may not be familiar with the level of response and service that you will provide them.

>>> Read: How to Recover From a Negative Review

Third, demonstrate appreciation to your customers.

Whether you have received positive feedback or not, always show thanks to your customers – for every person who wrote a review, it shows they cared enough about your business to provide feedback. Something that takes time and effort. Reward them with a loyalty card, special coupon, or even a referral bonus – but don’t forget the good old thank-you note. Studies have shown that though everyone appreciates a monetary award, for many, a simple “thank you” is just as effective.

Fourth, do not pay to kill a negative review.

There are plenty of stories where a provider rather than rectifying the situation, offered payment to the upset customer in exchange for them removing the review. Though we want our clients to reverse a negative review, they should do it on their own without our cajoling. Frankly, having nothing but 5-star reviews, and with wording that makes the professional sound second only to god in their field, it may backfire as your prospective customers could assume that these are fake reviews. Of course, we want many more positive reviews, than not, but having a few neutral reviews sprinkled in is not a bad thing.

>>> Check out these awesome tools on the Angie’s list site.


Watch Angie Hicks speak at CEO Boot Camp on success.

Video: Tai Lopez endorses OMG

Tai Lopez endorses OMG and Mike Long as the best day job killer opportunity going, today. You really need to watch this video.

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